Imovie vs gopro studio

If you highlight a video clip and then click ' File' from the menu you are given the option of opening the clip in Studio. If you haven' t used Quik it is a really neat way to take some video and instead of you editing it like you would in Studio you simply click on areas in the clip to place highlight tabs. IMovie vs Gopro studio Hey guys I' ve been using iMovie on the mac for my video editing with my Gopro hero I' ve thought that it works pretty good and is easy for us beginners, I' m curious if anyone thinks that the Gopro program has more to offer I have had 5min looking at it and can see the similarities just wondering if there' s any reason to.

I think iMovie is much more intuitive than GoPro studio. GoPro Studio was once the best free GoPro editing software. I would use iMovie as the main program for the timeline, editing, transistions, titles, voice overs, etc. The Studio is still there. Then if I needed flux slow motion or fish eye correction I would just edit those clips in GoPro Studio and import them back into iMovie.

) : compared to other free software for editing GoPro videos, like GoPro Studio or Quik, iMovie gives you the use multiple tracks, the ability to adjust the audio in your clips or separate the audio from your clips and use it along with multiple camera angles or B- roll. Imovie vs gopro studio. Reason # 5 ( and this is where the PLUS comes in. While GoPro studio isn’ t the best program to use it’ s a good place to get started and it will help you learn the ins and outs of editing and processing your own footage. IMovie Tutorial ( YouTube) Best Free GoPro Editing Apps GoPro Studio – DISCONTINUED.